RAC Fuel Patrol

The RAC Fuel Patrol is a fuel drainage service that the RAC offer to motorist throughout the UK.  The RAC are a very well known roadside recovery brand that was founded in 1897 as the Royal Automobile Club of the Great Britain. The club initially was meant as more of a lobbying group to campaign for things such as the lowering of speed limits on roads through the UK. Interestingly it was the RAC that organised the first British Grand Prix in 1926 at Brooklands in Surrey but it was not until 1978 that the club spun off the RAC as a separate brand and commercial company. The RAC offer motorist roadside assistance providing repairs and recovery for motorists should they breakdown whilst on a journey.

Wrong Fuel in Your Car – RAC

The RAC Fuel Patrol is a service that the RAC offer for motorists who have inadvertently put the wrong fuel in their car. The most frequent demand for the RAC Fuel Patrol is when petrol is accidentally put in a diesel engine. This is an easier mistake for motorists to make; the petrol nozzle is smaller than the entry hole for the diesel fuel, making mistakes more likely. Research shows that the RAC charge 240GBP for a fuel drain making them one of the most expensive companies offering the service in the market.

Fuel Busters – Fuel Drainage

Fuel Busters are fuel drainage company who are based in the south east of England. Fuel Busters are experienced in draining the wrong fuel from cars and have saved pounds. Fuel Busters have fuel drainage technicians through Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, London, Surrey and Buckinghamshire. The pricing offered by Fuel Busters is considerably cheaper than the RAC meaning you will not only be on the road in no time but also save money.